Japanese manga enthusiasts and every otaku out there will particularly appreciate the manga website templates. They will also be perfect for mangaka fans and Dojinshi creators, thanks to a design in line with the Manga spirit and a layout that suits the direction of manga text. Since there are countless kinds of manga, the manga website templates will accommodate a Kodomo reader - who belongs to young demographics -, or a Seinen reader, who is a young adult. The colour or black and white graphics will aptly convey the lighthearted mood of Yonkoma and Geihin, or the grittier and more realistic atmosphere of Shakai, Jidaimono. The templates will be perfect for any reading public and any genre, from romance and detective books to samurai mangas. Thanks to the website templates, the website will also showcase everything that matters in the Manga world, such as cosplays, merchandising, artbooks, roleplays, dramas, animes.